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At Disney, we’re reimagining tomorrow by supporting the next generation of innovators and storytellers today.

Our aim is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to dream about, believe in and create the future they imagine.

Our extensive programs and partnerships support young people from early childhood through their first careers by providing the opportunities and access they need to help them envision what’s possible, strengthen their talents and make their dreams come true. Here we’ll be celebrating young talent from our programs and the world at large, showcasing their unique abilities and seeing the future through their eyes.

Casey Carter, Entrepreneur

Omnivorous curiosity, a love of learning and fierce determination drive this budding businesswoman.

An image of Casey smiling at the camera.

Advait Kolarkar, Painter

Collectors worldwide have fallen in love with the abstract paintings of this astonishing 7-year-old.
Image of Advait smiling at the camera.

Emmett Kyoshi Wilson, Painter

A fine artist who is proof that natural ability has nothing to do with disability.
Image of Emmett smiling at the camera.

Tyler Gordon, Painter

This 14-year-old phenomenal painter inspires thousands worldwide through lifelike portraits of his heroes.

image of Tyler smiling at the camera.

Vitória Bueno, Dancer

She’s an accomplished dancer and a social media influencer, and she’s just getting started.
Image of Vitória smiling at the camera.