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Just as our world is always evolving, so are our search terms. We continually expand our terms in an ongoing effort to recognize all individuals.

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We commit to using the power of storytelling to reflect the world as it is and imagine the world as it can be.

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Tyler Gordon, Painter

This 14-year-old phenomenal painter inspires thousands worldwide through lifelike portraits of his heroes.

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Disney Look, Reimagined

Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products has updated appearance guidelines to allow for more personal expression and foster greater inclusivity.

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Vitória Bueno, Dancer

She’s an accomplished dancer and a social media influencer, and she’s just getting started.
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Disney Launchpad: Shorts Incubator

Mentorship and opportunity for underrepresented filmmakers to produce a Disney+ original short.

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Elena of Avalor ‖ "Flower of Light"

When two mischievous spirits try to ruin Día de los Muertos, Elena teams up with her childhood friend Felicia to travel to the spirit world and save the holiday.

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Executive Incubator

Providing on-the-job executive training in an apprentice-style environment that includes mentorship and events.
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Our Intentions

We are working together to translate our intentions into actions.

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DuckTales ‖ "Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!"

Determined to get back to her family on Earth, Della rebuilds her rocket ship and returns home to meet her sons for the very first time.

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A Place Where Everyone is Welcome

Learn more about Disney’s new 5th Key: Inclusion
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Musician and Producer, Bardo, adds his signature fresh flow to the classic "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow."

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#WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe Click here to see more!

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Melanie Sams

Listen to the VP of National Geographic Studios share what a reimagined tomorrow might look like to her.
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Anthony Morrison

Check out how this Senior Social Media Producer at Good Morning America would reimagine tomorrow.
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