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Representation of People with Disabilities
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The Company You Keep | Birdie and Olli Talk About Ollie's Dad

Birdie and Ollie share a conversation in sign language about Ollie’s father and the family business.

Marvel Studios' The Eternals | "In The Beginning"

It’s just the beginning. Experience Marvel Studios’ "Eternals," only in theaters November 5.

Marvel Studios' Eternals | "Meet the Eternals"

See Lauren Ridloff introduce Marvel Studios’ Eternals via American Sign Language!

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Building Connections with Star Wars at Lucasfilm

A Lucasfilm Animation employee and a FIRST Robotics team in Chicago share how they’re improving the world through the power of neurodiversity.

Marvel Studios' Hawkeye | "Becoming Maya"

See Alaqua Cox on her journey to becoming Maya Lopez in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye.

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Melanie Sams

Listen to the VP of National Geographic Studios share what a reimagined tomorrow might look like to her.
Melanie Sams smiling at the camera.