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"A moment of representation that meant so much to us..." Click here for the full post!

@foodwithsoy reacts to Raya and the Last Dragon

"Representation matters, stories matter, you matter. It's great that we're finally progressing." Click to see her full reaction!


#WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe Click here to see more!

@LittleMissFlint posing in a movie theatre


"We need more #shortstories like #out." Click here for more!

Greg and Manuel from Out talking in the kitchen.


"Lovely note sent to us at Pixar. #PixarCoco" Click here for the full letter!

Miguel and Abuelita celebrating Día de los muertos.


"It really is about understanding, being kind, showing compassion, and just being a good person to ALL people." Click to read all of @kimmclelland's thoughts!

Renee from Loop using a cell phone.


"Isn't that cool? You get to look at a Disney movie and see yourself." Click for the full video!

A girl smiling at the camera.


"#SoulMovie was truly inspirational." Click to read all of @ravieb's reaction!

Joe Gardner smiling at the camera.


"#Mulan is one of the best live-action adaptations of a Disney animated classic." Click to read more!


"... and [Officer Specter] was introduced in the most accepting way humanly possible." Click here for a short video about Officer Specter!

@yourlocaluselesslesbian smiling at the camera.


"Well done to everyone who worked on this 👏🏼. Diversity is refreshing." Click here to learn more!

Mira, Royal Detective, posing and smiling at the camera.